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  • Restaurant & Bar

    Restaurant & Bar

    In the restaurant you will find regional specialties,
    wild and fish according to the time of year.


  • Hikers menu

    Ardennes pate


    Breaded turkey with mushroom sauce
    Chips or boiled potatoes


    Ice cream or chocolate mousse or tart of the day

    26,00 €

  • Menu of the region

    Ardennes ham garnished or Smoked trout fillets garnished


    Wild boar with hunters sauce, Cranberry compote or Trout with Ardennes sauce

    Chips ou boiled potatoes


    Ice cream with blueberry coulis

    32,00 €

  • Menu Group

    For your organized excursions we offer the following menus - Min. 20 people

    Menu 1

    Soup of the day
    Roast Pork à l'ardennaise
    French fries and seasonal salad
    Ice cream with blueberry sauce

    17,00 €

    Menu 2

    Soup of the day
    Veal blanquette of the house
    French fries and seasonal salad
    Chocolate mousse

    19,00 €

    Menu 3

    Soup of the day
    Civet of wild boar with grapes
    Compote of cranberries
    French frie
    Dame blanche

    23,00 €

    Menu 4

    Soup of the day
    Trout à l'ardennaise, Mixed salad
    French fries
    The apple pie

    21,00 €

    Soup replaced by pâté : + 5,00 €
    Drinks package : one Kir, 1/3 wine from the house and coffee : 9,00 €
    These prices include a maximum of 2 choices per group.