What you should discover in our region

Discover our wonderful region in summer and in winter.

Our perfectly located hotel will satisfy all the nature lovers who will be able to discover new landscapes on foot or by bike, be it in the Hautes Fagnes or in the marked paths of the numerous surrounding forests.

The sport cars enthusiasts are not set aside as our hotel is situated 5 minutes away from the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Many prestigious races take place at the circuit, like Formula 1 races, the  “24 heures Autos”, and many others.

The Hotel is situated near many tourist attractions like the Stavelot abbey, the Bérinzenne domain, the Spa thermal baths, Reinhardstein castle, the Signal de Botrange, and many others.


The « Ardenne Bleue » and the natural domain of the Hautes Fagnes

Our hotel is located at the heart of the Ardenne bleue (Blue Ardennes) and at the boundary of the natural domain “Hautes Fagnes-Eifel.”

The Ardenne Bleue lives up to its name as water evolves there in many forms. Many hikes have their starting point at the hotel. Numerous walks weave near rivers and watering places. Moreover, when snow covers our region, our guests are offered the possibility to go cross-country skiing from the village itself.

The Natural Parc Hautes Fagnes-Eifel is probably the most prominent touristic gem of our region. This domain offers constantly evolving and breathtaking landscapes, ranging from forests, typical swampy heathlands, valleys, rivers, to meadows, bocages and picturesque villages.

Discover the walks


The Stavelot abbey

The Stavelot abbey is an old Benedictine monastery founded back in 651. This monument is today classified as “exceptional heritage of Wallonia”. The site is an important cultural landmark of our region and is located 10 minutes away from the hotel.

The Abbey contains 3 museums:

  • Historical museum of the Stavelot-Malmedy Principality
  • Museum of the Francorchamps circuit
  • Museum of the poet Guillaume Apollinaire

The site hosts temporary expositions as well as regular cultural events

Discover the abbey

Motor sports

The Spa-Francorchamps circuit

Located 6 km from the most beautiful circuit of the world, our hotel is the perfect spot for the cars fans.

The legendary tracks host some of the most prestigious races all year long: the Formula one GP, Endurance World Championship, the 24 hours Spa, the 25 H VW Fun Cup, the 24H 2CV, as well as the historical races, namely the Spa Summer Classic and the Spa Six Hours.

The circuit also provides track initiations, and an outdoor karting track. Guaranteed thrills!



The thermal baths of spa

The thermal baths of spa are nested at the heart of the Fagnes, and offer quality thermal cares: natural mineral water baths emerging directly from the Clémentine source (32°), steam rooms, saunas, water games, aquafit lessons, relaxation areas…Treat yourself to a relaxing hiatus, and enjoy the natural benefits of water!



Lake Warfaaz

The hotel is 10 minutes away from Lake Warfaaz. The latter is the ideal spot to explore with your family: follow the path surrounding the lake, and enjoy a reinvigorating drink or dish in one of the bars and restaurants around it.



The berinzenne domain

Spend some time at the Berinzenne domain! Enjoy your stroll between the shady alleys of the park, have a look at the panoramic and breathtaking view at the top of the watchtower, and enjoy meandering in the countless paths of the domain.

If you are looking for an inside activity, the Berinzenne domain also contains a Forest and Water Museum.



Robertville lake and Reinhardstein castle

If you visit Robertville, you will soon realise that you are never far away from a walk trail. Besides the numerous marked paths inviting you to gorgeous hikes, discover the lake, and the two sections of “GR footpath” crossing the countryside.

Many forest tracks can be explored. You will discover many untouched places as well as landscapes constantly evolving with the seasons.

If you want to have a peek at a 14th century castle, make a detour at the Reinhardstein castle situated near the lake and enjoy a guided tour of this great monument.

The lake

The castle


Gileppe Dam

The Gileppe Dam is a wonderful place where you can practice many activities: tree top adventure, bike and electric kick scooter rental, walk around the lake,… It is also possible to visit the dam with a guide upon reservation.

If you need a break during your walk, enjoy the panoramic restaurant overhanging the dam.


Animal park


The animal park Forestia is perfect for a family excursion! The park counts 300 forest animals (more or less 30 species) in semi-liberty, spread over 44 hectares. Discover the 5km of paths at your own pace while enjoying this unusual setting.

For the most adventurous, Forestia also contains an adventure park with 11 courses and 2 ziplines.

The park

Unusual activities

The Remouchamps caves

The  Remouchamps cave can be explored on foot for about 800 meters, through spectacular rooms and galleries. The trip back is by boat and covers a distance of 700 meters. It makes it the longest underground cruising of the world!


Visits and adventures

Coo’s waterfall, theme park, and thrilling activities

Discover Coo, a small village, renowned for its natural waterfall that is the biggest in Belgium. The village is also known for its theme park Plopsa Coo that will be enjoyed by adults and children.

For those who are looking for thrills, two companies offer outside activities: Adventure and Adrenaline. Be it with your family or your colleagues, they will be able to provide a tailor-made experience for all situations.

Discover the waterfall

Coo Adventure

Adrenaline events

Plopsa Coo

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